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High-Grade Hand-Crafted Makeup Brushes

Manufacturing world-class makeup brushes for more than 20 years, XINXINLEI has mastered the art of handcrafting custom makeup brush production.

Applying tested and certified production guidelines and modern technology, our technical core personnel and skilled workers produce up to 36 million makeup brushes annually, each up to par with our strict quality control protocols.


Standardized Production Process

XINXINLEI adapts a standardized approach on makeup brush production, ensuring effective and durable makeup brushes for your brand.

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    Haira for the makeup brush is carefully selected from our supplier, and then checked for quality control.

    Each type of natural and synthetic hair has a distinct thickness and texture that matches well with a specific application. The hair is combed to filter bent, worn, and inferior-quality pieces.

    Weight the Well-Selected Hair

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    Utilizing a specialized mound cup specific for a hair type, the hair is formed into the desired shape.

    Molds we use help in consistently creating accurate forms and keeping soft hair tips for the brush head. The consistency and shape of the brush head is inspected to meet manufacturing standards.

    Shape the Brush Head

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    The molded brush head is then gingerly inserted into the ferrule. Use yarn to tie the bristles together for firmness if necessary.

    To reach the accurate shape of brush head, our craftsmen will fine brush hairs again with combs and measure specifications with rulers.

    Insert Brush Head into a Ferrule

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    Once the hair bristles are placed inside the ferrule and the ferrule is properly shaped, the pieces are held together tightly using high-quality glue material.

    The glue formulated by our seasoned craftsmen secures the bristles into place, preventing them to scatter when in use.

    Glue the Brush Head and Ferrule

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    The completed brush head is then fitted on the designated handle, which is made from wood or metal material.

    Super-sticky adhesive is applied on one end of the handle, inserted on the ferrule, and then left to set.

    Assemble the Handle

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    The final step of our production process is a rigorous quality inspection, wherein we look for any defects, impurities, and other concerns on our makeup brushes.

    This process ensures that our well-established quality standards are represented by our products.

    Inspect and Optimize the Brush

Efficient Production, Quality Products

Our 35-day manufacturing timeline after sample confirmation leads the industry in production and speed.

  • Skilled Labors
  • With the Aid of Machine
  • Material Production on Our Own
  • Timely Material Supply

Skilled Craftsmen with Years of Experience

Considered as the backbone of the business, our skilled workers are capable of meeting high production demands while maintaining superior product quality.

Our factory employs 500 skilled workers with over 5 years of manufacturing experience, supported by 200 senior technical personnel with at least 10 years of experience.


Machines for Enhancing Efficiency

While we pride ourselves with creating handcrafted makeup brushes, we also utilize modern manufacturing tools for faster and excellent production.

Common production tools include precision scales used to weigh hairs accurately, and vibration machines for efficient shaping the makeup heads.


Material Production on Our Own

With in-house facilities capable of manufacturing and modifying the materials needed for our handcrafted makeup brushes, we have the ability to adapt various client requests with ease.

This also guarantees that our productivity is self-controlled and the sourcing time and transportation time of raw materials can be omitted, delivering you a short lead time while adhering to the same quality standards.


Timely Material Supply

Being a longstanding worldwide provider of handmade makeup brushes, we have built a network of material suppliers with a reputation of delivering certified natural hairs, eco-friendly recycled synthetic hairs, and ferrules, to name a few.

Working with reliable material suppliers allows our team to produce excellent handcrafted makeup brushes faster and better.