Functional Face Brushes

XINXINLEI face brushes are made from soft synesthetic and natural hair, ensuring our products suit your branding image. The bristles are soft and gentle on the skin, making them suitable for applying liquid, powder, cream foundations, or other cosmetics for a streak-free finish.

In order to ensure that our products can achieve the mentioned quality, we strictly follow the verified SOP standards and adopt the traditional handcraft to produce each batch of face makeup brushes. With our ISO9001 certified facilities, we ensure each of our products complies with global standards such as the SGS and REACH within the US. Our plant is also capable of producing 36 million face makeup brushes each year, allowing us to accomplish volume orders.

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Benefits from Our Face Brushes

Our quality face brushes and high-end services can bolster any makeup or fashion company.

  • OEM & ODM Solutions

    We offer a full customization service on our face brushes such as the materials used for the bristles and shape of the handle. Our OEM and ODM services cater to your private labeling requirements.

  • Made for Delicate Makeup

    Each of our face brushes is designed to handle nearly any makeups thanks to its soft tips, making our brushes compatible with any cosmetics in the market.

  • Competitive Prices

    Through our streamline production and raw material management, we are capable of offering competitive prices on our face brushes. With the low costs of our product, you can boost your profit margins.

  • Short Lead Time

    XINXINLEI guarantees most volume orders are completed within 35 days thanks to our strong manufacturing capabilities. The short-lead time on your orders of face brushes help you meet demands during peak season.