Strong and Independent R&D team

Investing 2 million yuan in research per year, our R&D team develops new materials, processes and independent product design. Our 12 experienced experts participated in different cosmetic exhibitions domestically and abroad to create appealing brushes based on market information.

We provide a full range of reliable brushes and OEM/ODM services taken from user feedback to meet a wide array of needs.

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Sustainable R&D Direction

To ensure sustainability in production, we cooperate with material suppliers to develop new materials at affordable costs.

  • Water-Based Paints

    Our water-based paint protects the wooden surface of our brushes from cracking in water for long periods.

    As they do not release waste discharge when applied during production, our water-based paints are pollution-free and follow environmental standards. Having a lower metal content makes them safe for your users.

  • Silk Essence Fiber

    It is made from silk protein created by advanced technology and traditional craftmenship with satisfied touch of dense silky brush hair.

    It has variety of brush fiber structures, the combination of different brush fiber structures create 25% more denseness and a bigger cover surface.

  • Corn-Made Fiber

    Corn-made fiber is an environmentally friendly fiber extracted from corn, which can be naturally degraded. This makes it an ideal choice for a sensitive population.

    It comes with a softer and smoother touch and better powder grip than the plastic fiber. What's more, it has no peculiar smell as animal hair had and is not easy to fall out. We're confident to help you expand your market with this new brush hair material.

Multiple Patents for Makeup Brushes

We have several patents for our raw materials, design, function and product line, giving us an edge in the industry. With our patents, we secure your rights to sell our line of makeup brushes to get ahead of the competition.

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