Efficient Dual-Ended Brushes

Helping save the user’s time and space on the makeup kit, dual-ended makeup brushes feature two distinct brush types on each end for different applications. The latest obsession in the industry, these makeup brushes allow for faster and easier application of makeup in a compact and attractive design.

Each brush type is meticulously handcrafted, making use of selected natural hair or cruelty-free synthetic hair that fits its intended use. Brush heads are also customizable, giving you the ability to create fresh and innovative dual-ended makeup brushes for your market. Consult our experienced team today and get started on your new design.

Benefits from Our Dual-Ended Brushes

Increase profits and establish a reliable brand with superior-quality dual-ended brushes from XINXINLEI.

  • Free Samples

    We send clients a sample of before mass production, making sure the client is satisfied with the product. Adjustments are made based on client response.

  • Wholesale Prices

    In-house production facility for raw materials gives our clients unmatched cost advantages. Enjoy competitive wholesale pricing for our dual-ended brushes with large orders.

  • Fast Delivery

    Less time is spent sourcing for specific materials thanks to in-house production. Brushes can be delivered within 35 days after sample approval, 40% faster than most peers.

  • 1-Year Warranty

    Clients have a peace of mind after purchase, as our dual-ended makeup brushes are covered by a 1-year warranty, including customer services and product replacement.