One-Stop-Shop Accessories Service

XINXINLEI offers a wide range of accessories along with our makeup brushes including our bag and roll, makeup sponge, and brush-cleaning mat. Each of our accessories adds more value to your customers, helping you create a strong foundation for customer referrals.

We set the bar among other makeup brush manufacturer’s product quality with our 20 years of experience, making our accessories marketable across many markets. XINXINLEI also provides comprehensive after-sales services by answering inquiries and concerns within 24 hours.

Through our high-class cosmetic accessories, you can significantly build your brand and drive customer trust. Ask for your free sample today!

Reliable Accessories Supply

We screen reliable factories with significant experience in the industry to manufacture our high-quality accessories.

Through our superior sourcing capabilities, we can integrate accessories supplier resources that match your requirements with each of our makeup brushes. We also ensure a steady supply of accessories, even during peak seasons.

Reliable Accessories Supply