Multi-Function Kabuki & Retractable Brushes

Kabuki & retractable brushes are used for applying foundations and face powders on the face. Characterized by its soft, dense to fluffy round bristles and short handle, the brush’s design helps create an even and natural application of the makeup. The retractable design of makeup brushes allows users to get more space saving and portable packaging.

Kabuki brushes from XINXINLEI are manufactured from soft and durable goat hairs or cruelty-free synthetic hairs. The handmade production gives it better detail, with multiple customization options that help create a unique branding solution. Our long experience in creating handcrafted makeup brushes also translates to shorter lead times, completing mass production within 35 days. Contact our team today for amazing wholesale pricing.

Benefits from Our Kabuki Brushes

More than getting quality Kabuki brushes, XINXINLEI is your partner in improving your brand.

  • Create Flawless Makeup

    The high-quality goat hairs and materials used, along with the precision handmade production of the Kabuki brush ensures that users can create a smooth, flawless look.

  • Increase Profits

    With our ability to maintain and manage production costs while providing you with excellent Kabuki brushes, you can expect better profit margins and satisfied customers.

  • Build up Eco-Friendly Brands

    Cruelty-free synthetic hairs and fibers from natural corn-made fibers are available for our Kabuki brushes, helping you establish an eco-friendly brand that can attract more customers.

  • Gain Worry-Free Services

    Service does not end at order delivery, as we provide reliable and efficient after-sales service. Receive responses to inquiries within 24 hours, and our brushes come with one-year warranty.