Quality Single Brush Manufacturer

Our factory manufactures a variety of brushes that ensure precise makeup application suited for any application. For eyes, lips and facial makeup, we design specific single brushes with the right hair types and brush head shapes for easy use. Design options include Kabuki and dual-ended brushes that evoke the aesthetic appeal of recent trends.

We use only the safest and most durable materials in making our traditional single brushes. With our expert craftsmanship, we bring to life your design ideas in order to attract many audiences to your brand. All of our brushes have been tested for their sustainable use to ensure minimal maintenance.

Our team will respond to any pre-sales and after-sales questions within 24 hours. Call our team today for fast service.

High-End Handcrafted Makeup Brushes

Our selection of hair refinements and features guarantee safe and clean application of makeup for your end users.

  • Premium Brush Hair

    Outstanding pick up and absorbent performance which is relaxing to achieve color precision, shading dimensionally and natural transition for makeup.

  • Intact Hair Tips

    Retain the nature hair tips as much as possible instead of random cutting to ensure the softness of the nature hair.

  • Slap-up finishing

    Various colors and finish like coating,printing and engraving are available to add greater durability and unique look to our brushes.

  • Perfect hair shape

    Strictly control on the hair shape by measuring the hair length, trimming the hair and repairing the shape purely by hand to ensure the consistency with significant quantity.

  • Durable inner quality structure

    Qualified glue with years of practical experience keeps brush hairs, handles, and ferrules from falling off during long-term use.

  • Custom Brand Attributes

    Through our full custom options, we help designed and made personalized makeup brushes to stand out your brand.

Need Customization Services to Embody Your Brand?

From materials to color, we design brushes that are safe for your customers while appealing to a variety of needs and occasions. Personalized brushes express your brand quality to a wider audience, leading to increasing sales.

Customization Services
Traditionally-Crafted Brushes

Our Mission to Provide Traditionally-Crafted Brushes

We have developed our traditional handicraft to ensure the flawless quality of each brush.

Beyond our refinement, we test all of our acquired raw materials for their compliance to safety and environmental standards. In creating ergonomic single brushes, our traditional craftsmanship attracts wider markets to your brand through their unique design and aesthetic value.