Your Professional Makeup Brush Set Factory

Handling makeup needs of various parts of the face, our wholesale brush sets hold brushes for your customers to bring anywhere. We provide two types of brush sets, professional and travel. With 15-18 brushes per set, our professional sets specialize in one type of hair for maximum end user comfort. Possessing shorter handles allows our travel sets with 3-5 brushes to be easier to carry while handling regular makeup application.

As a makeup brush set supplier, our strict quality control ensures that we handcraft high performance brushes with consistent hair types. Efficiently using sustainable materials allows us to manufacture several sets at affordable costs. Our R&D team constantly updates new product designs based on user response. Join us!

Flexible Product Features

Our brush sets handle multiple functions within one package and are made to last for many years.

  • Versatile Brushes

    With over 200 styles of makeup brushes for handling multiple applications, our brush sets reach the needs of different markets.

  • Ergonomic Handle

    For improved user experience, choose our ergonomic handle designs. Modifying handles to any coating & length for easier use.

  • Traditional Crafts

    Our expert craftsmen use traditional means of crafting high-end brushes to draw attention of your market to the quality of your brand.

  • Well-Shaped Brush Head

    For applying makeup to the right spots, our brush heads are shaped based on where they are used to ensure a natural makeup look.

  • Reasonable Configuration

    For professional makeup or travelling needs, we can provide combinations of our wide selection of makeup brushes and bags.

  • Advanced Materials

    Choosing corn-made fibers & well-selected natural/synthetic hairs allows our brushes to suit any end user without causing allergies.

Extensive Customization Options

To ensure your brushes address specific market needs, we have a selection of materials, colors, finishes and other options to choose from.

From labels to handles, we offer OEM/ODM customization based on your ideas and design preferences.

Extensive Customization Options
Quality Handcrafting

Quality Handcrafting

Each makeup brush at XINXINLEI is made by the hands of artisans with many years of experience.

After each process, we will check semi-finished brushes to ensure that defective products can be found to reduce the cost and defective rate.

Each makeup brush is unique but of the same high quality.