Convenient Essential Brush Set

Easy to pack and store, essential brush sets are ideal for consumers who are constantly on-the-go or wanting a basic set of makeup brushes. Usually, containing around 3-5 distinct brushes, these brushes could also come with a dedicated pouch or container for convenient and mess-free storage.

Handcrafted using carefully-procured and in-house developed materials, our line of makeup brushes and packaging uphold our strict quality control standards. We also assist in designing, printing, and packaging the makeup brush sets, becoming your one-stop shop for high-quality essential brush sets. Talk to our team today for great wholesale pricing on our essential brush sets.

Benefits from Our Essential Brush Sets

XINXINLEI is your dedicated partner in creating a trusted brand for your market.

  • Wide Range of Custom Options

    Develop unique and tailor-fit essential brush sets with over 200 brush types to choose from. We also assist in creating custom designs, logos, and packaging for a one-of-a-kind product.

  • Free Samples

    Receive free samples of your essential brush set before we go on full-swing production. Any requests for change or modification are applied to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Wholesale Prices

    Our amazing wholesale prices are some of the best that the market has to offer. Prices are steady, thanks to strategic procurement of materials and consistent production output.

  • Efficient Handmade Crafting

    Utilizing over 20 years of experience and modern machines, our team has the capabilities to efficiently make custom orders within a 35-day period, 40% faster than our peers.